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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Please review our FAQ's.

 Is this a legitimate job?

Jade Virtual Business Solutions, is an independent staffing agency that has partnered with Arise Virtual Solutions, which has been featured on The View.

Will I be paid for training?

Training is unpaid, however, you will be hired as a contractor and any expenses associated with this opportunity can be written off.

Will I have to pay taxes?

All agents will be hired as a contractor and will receive 1099. Taxes will not be taken from your however, you are required to pay your taxes each year.

What equipment is required?

Here is the equipment needed: 

  • Compatible computer
  • Internet Modem
  • Noise Cancelling USB Headset w/microphone (can be purchased through Amazon)
  • Call Center Phone (can be purchased through Amazon. recommended AGPTEK brand)
  • Landline Phone (long-distance feature needed)

Workstation Requirments Document HERE

Is there a minimum amount of hours that are required to work each week?

Remote Customer Service Professionals are required to service a minimum of 15 hours per week on their client program.

Is there an IBO/Admin Fee? 

Jade Virtual Business Solutions Arise IBO/Admin fee is $30 per pay cycle. This fee is for payroll, resources, administrative services, etc. 

Are there any benefits, such as health, vision,dental insurance? 

We hire Independent Contractors only. As an Independent Contractor, there are no health benefits such as medical, dental, health insurance, etc. In addition, Independent Contractors do not qualify for unemployment benefits or services.

How do I join Jade Virtual Business Solutions?

Please submit your application via our website. If you are wanting to change over to our call center from another IBO our IB ID# 483767. Please send an email to to submit your request to join

Are there any fees that I have to pay?

We hire Independent Contractors only. It does not cost to apply for a position or to create your agent profile (once your application is approved). Our Clients do require each Individual agent to become certified on their program, which requires certification training. As an Independent Contractor, you are responsible for your certification training cost and any equipment needed for service. The great thing as an Independent Contractor you are able to write off any expenses on your taxes. This is an investment in being in complete control of your work, money, and hours. Much like school, being a Mary Kay or Avon representative, being a Travel Agent, or any 1099 position.

 A background check is required and is $9.99. Agents can become a certified remote customer service agent for as little as $9.99. Client Certification training cost can range from $9.99 to $250 depending on the Client (this is the Client fee, not Jade Virtual Business Solutions). Most training sessions are only $69 Military receive 50% off certification cost (*conditions apply. ) 


Get Started Today! 

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